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Public Service Announcements on Classical KUCO


Community Calendar

Public service announcements (PSA) are an excellent way to raise awareness about your community or nonprofit organization’s events. At Classical KUCO, we offer the opportunity for community associations, advocate groups, and organizations to share their messages on KUCO’s Community Calendar read live several times a day between 6 am and 6 pm on weekdays.
If you are interested in promoting your event or organization on Community Calendar, please read the following:

Guidelines for PSA Submissions

Relevance: Content must directly relate to listeners in KUCO’s broadcast areas. Events should fall under cultural, artistic, educational, health-related, civic, weather recovery, or mainstream entertainment categories. They must be nondenominational, nonpartisan, and open to the general public while promoting the well-being of the entire community.
Ticket Sales: Announcements promoting the purchase of tickets to an event are accepted only from organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Email Us


Email your information to KUCO three weeks / 15 business days PRIOR to when the event takes place.
Your information is not guaranteed by KUCO to air at specific times. If you would like to become an underwriter and guarantee your message is aired, email us for more information.
KUCO may contact you for the following information before we agree to run your announcement:  
  • Your organization’s tax-exempt identification number 
  • A brief description of services to the community 
  • How long has the organization been in existence 
  • How the organization is funded 

KUCO reserves the right to refuse any request, specifically…

  • Announcements for fund-raisers of commercial organizations or establishments are not accepted, even if a portion of the funds is donated to charity.
  • Announcements for events with narrow appeal to a small or specialized constituency or routine/regular meetings of an organization.
  • Announcements from religious organizations, religious-sponsored organizations, religious events (excluding community performing arts concerts and events open to the general public).
  • Announcements from political organizations, political-sponsored organizations, political candidates, or political events.